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Standard treatments


A crown (or cap) is a permanent, complete tooth covering. They are used to protect and stabilize heavily restored teeth and can prolong their life. They are constructed by reducing the size of the tooth to allow it to fit on top. A Bridge is exactly what it says and fills a space by linking crowns together. Crowns are placed on the teeth either side of a gap and not only improve function, but also appearance. In some cases it's possible to place a bridge by not reducing the size of the tooth, but by ‘sticking' wings attached to the false tooth, to the backs of the teeth either side of the gap.

Root canal treatment

In the event of a tooth becoming infected or very inflamed, it is sometimes necessary to remove the nerve or pulpal tissue from the tooth. The tooth remains in place and is fully functional after the treatment. It is sometimes necessary, depending on the amount of remaining tooth, to place a crown over the tooth to protect it.


Dentures, or plates, are removable sets of teeth. They can be either partial (where some natural teeth remain) or complete. They are made of either a type of plastic or acrylic, or of metallic cobalt-chrome and acrylic.

A wide range of dental treatments are available. From a simple check up to more complicated procedures, nothing is carried out without an open discussion with you first to establish your needs and the correct way to proceed with your dental care. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

In addition to standard dental treatments we also offer cosmetic & specialist dental services including teeth whitening and orthodontics. Emergency? Call us straight away and we'll do our best to see you the same day.

No one likes having a filling but we do our best to offer you a relaxed and comfortable environment where you won't feel rushed. Fillings are a traditional ways of restoring damaged teeth. The materials can include white composite resin, gold or in some cases, amalgam. We use predominantly composite resin in both children and adults, sometimes with reinforcing pins. Fillings can also involve using white composite resin to rebuild damaged front teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental Extractions

It is sometimes necessary to remove teeth that are either too damaged or elsewhere removal can provide space for orthodontics. In some cases teeth are also removed where, though undamaged, their removal is necessary i.e. wisdom teeth.

Oral hygiene and cleaning

This involves scaling and polishing and instruction and encouragement in tooth cleaning.

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