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Cosmetic dentistry & specialist dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening - Are you self conscious about your teeth not being as sparkling white as you'd like? Over time coffee, red wine, smoking and many other things can cause discolouration. We offer tooth whitening procedures that involve the use of whitening gels. We provide a service that involves the construction of special ‘mouth trays’ and instruction in their use at home with gels that contain either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.


Veneers -  A veneer is similar to a false nail in that it is overlaid over the surface and is usually made out of porcelain, but can be made out of composite. A minimal reduction is made of the surface of the outside of the tooth and then an impression taken. The porcelain veneer is made in a laboratory and then bonded to the surface of the tooth.

Mouth guards

Do you play a sport where you're worried about your teeth? Or perhaps you grind your teeth in your sleep? We can provide you with specialist laboratory constructed mouth guards for all types of sports and all ages.

Night guards that can help to considerably counteract the effects of ‘night grinding’ are available from our specialist laboratory.

Specialist dentistry

Implants - An implant is a method of replacing a missing tooth with a solid fixed unit. An implant is secured into the bone and then a porcelain crown placed on top. The implants themselves can be also be used to secure a bridge or removable denture.


Orthodontics - If your teeth are slightly misplaced or not in line properly it can make you feel very self conscious. Lots of us will have had a brace as children but sometimes this isn't the case. Orthodontics, or braces can be used to realign and improve the appearance and function of teeth. This procedure can be carried out by removable or fixed methods, depending on what you're most comfortable with.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect teeth. Whatever concerns you have about your dental appearance, no matter how trivial you think they seem, please discuss it with us. In addition to standard treatments this practice also offers some specialist services and referrals to specialist colleagues where appropriate. Contact us to discuss your requirements and refer to our fees & funding to see our competitive rates.

Please note Dr. Le Tocq does not personally provide orthodontic or implant treatments, but will refer patients to carefully selected specialist practices in the

Oxford area.

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